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About Equine Bowen Therapy & Technique (for horses and riders)

What is Equine Bowen Therapy?

‘The best protection you can have is prevention’, US Sports therapist Jack Meagher.

Equine Bowen Therapy is based on The Bowen Technique, a therapy which is widely used to treat many human conditions.  The Bowen Technique was developed by Tom Bowen who was born in Geelong, Australia in 1906 and it is believed he initially worked on greyhounds and racehorses, achieving remarkable results with one horse in particular who came second in the Melbourne Cup.

Like the human form of Bowen, Equine Bowen Therapy is a simple, non-invasive hands-on therapy which promotes healing, pain relief and energy rebalancing.  By treating the whole horse, the therapy addresses the whole central nervous system, helping to release muscle spasm, relieve congested kidneys and stimulate the lymphatic system.  Bowen is subtle and relaxing and most horses fall asleep during the treatment.

All Equine Bowen therapists are qualified human Bowen Therapists.  This ensures that all equine therapists have a complete understanding of The Bowen Technique.

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