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30 year-old pony who was experiencing difficulty in getting up and moving around generally

Following his first treatment, this pony had been very itchy all over his body. After his second treatment, his mobility improved significantly, with his owner noticing a marked improvement in his movement and suppleness "my horse is moving much more freely through the back and shoulders and is cantering happily around the field" - something he apparently had not been seen doing for some time.

Following the third treatment, for the first time in nearly a year, the pony was seen to trot or canter to meet his field companion when he was turned out -"my horse has so much more freedom of movement. He seems much more supple and is tracking up behind, which is something he hasn't really managed before and I have had him 20 years. It is good to see such freedom of movement as he is 30 years old."

Equine Bowen Therapy CS1B Before treatment

Equine Bowen Therapy CS1A After treatment
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A rescue pony

Before treatment, this pony was standing tucked under both in front and behind, especially the latter; his tail was clamped down and he appeared to be standing with his weight on his forehand; as a result, there was tension in his shoulders. After the third Bowen treatment, the pony was able to stand in a much more relaxed manner, with his weight evenly distributed across all four feet. The tension in his back from sacrum to coccyx had gone and his tail was not clamped down.

This change in posture is almost the equivalent of a human being able to stand comfortably in an upright position with their shoulders relaxed and down and pulling their stomach in. In horses this is often referred to as the 'circle' or 'ring of muscles'. This 'circle' is formed by the muscles in the hindquarters, back, neck, poll, jaw, lower neck, sternum and abdomen, and when these muscles all work together they allow the horse to stand and move in a manner that looks and feels forward and upward (uphill).

Equine Bowen Therapy CS2B Before treatment

Equine Bowen Therapy CS2A After treatment
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18 year old Irish Draught x TB mare, gentle hacking

Before treatment, this mare showed a considerable amount of tension in her frame and musculature; she was standing tucked under in front and behind and as a result, held her head and neck awkwardly. Her shoulders were also tense.

After treatment, she is standing much more relaxed but alert, with her head held up, her back lengthened and her legs much more outstretched.

Overall, her whole frame has lengthened and the 'haunted' look in her eye has disappeared.

Equine Bowen Therapy CS3B Before treatment

Equine Bowen Therapy CS3A After treatment
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16hh Dutch x Connemara, Riding Club, dressage

Before treatment this horse was not performing well and appeared depressed; after treatment he returned to his usual self and was much more willing to work. His rugs and saddle no longer slipped to the right, he became noticeably more supple and his bend to the left continued to improve - "his outline and bend to the left is amazing. He's never been able to do this before and he is so much more responsive to aids and has become more accurate."

One week after his final treatment, this horse was placed in a dressage competition and qualified for the regional finals, with his best ever dressage score to date. One month later, he was placed first, to the delight of his owner, and he has since had a top-up treatment ahead of the finals.

Equine Bowen Therapy CS4B Before treatment

Equine Bowen Therapy CS4A After treatment
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16 hh Russian Warmblood gelding, competition/Riding Club horse

Before treatment this horse was standing 'tucked under' both in front and behind, which appeared to be causing considerable tension along his back. He was particularly tense over his lumbar/loin area. His neck was also noticeably tight, particularly at the base of his neck and along his nuchal and splenius muscles.

Post treatment, the horse is standing in a much more relaxed outline. His whole frame has lengthened, there is much less tension in his neck (which is now very relaxed), most noticeably around his withers, shoulder and also the underside of his neck. Tension has also disappeared from his hindquarters and lumbosacral region and he is able to stand with his hindlegs in a much more open frame, which has also opened out and lifted his belly; his face is also noticeably less tense.

Equine Bowen Therapy CS5B Before treatment

Equine Bowen Therapy CS5A After treatment
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